You Can't Stop Me is the second ending of the second season of Glitter Force.

Lyrics Edit

We can’t stop tonight

Rockin' all the town,
We love to hear the sound-up, turn it down, bring it up, get on down

Oh, oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh, (Oh can you feel it, yeah) oh oh oh oh
Turn it on the upside
Oh, oh oh oh, (Oh yeah) oh oh oh oh, (Now can you feel it) oh oh oh oh
Look out from the inside

I want to rock this party
You can’t stop me
So come on everybody
You can’t stop tonight

We’re dancin' with the stars
Don’t you stop me
With love in all our hearts
We can’t stop tonight

Come everybody
Just move your body
Let’s go everybody,
You can’t stop me

Come join the party
Come make me happy
Let’s get all crazy
We can’t stop tonight
We can’t stop tonight

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Videos Edit

Glitter Force - Music Video - "You Can't Stop Me"01:08

Glitter Force - Music Video - "You Can't Stop Me"

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