• HanasakiTsubomi997

    Hi everyone! I'm HanasakiTsubomi997, a new user on this wiki. If you've already seen my user page, you'd know a few things about me. I've properly introduced myself now, and I think it's time that I gave you my thoughts on the English dub of Smile Pretty Cure!, Glitter Force~

    Alright, let's begin with the characters. Unlike the original Japanese show, Glitter Force was split up into two seasons. Emily, better known in Japan as Miyuki Hoshizora, is an energetic and optimistic girl who is somewhat of a klutz. She has an interest in books, especially fairy tales, and is seldom unhappy. She transforms into Glitter Lucky (Cure Happy) and her magical form motif is a heart. Her element is holy light, and she serves as the leader of the Glitter Force.…

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