Chloe(or Aoki Reika in Smile Pretty Cure), also known as Glitter Breeze, is one of the main heroes in Glitter Force.



Chloe has long and navy blue hair. Her bangs are cut at eyebrow length with two pale blue clips at both sides(although it is shown that when she do sports she ties her hair up in a high ponytail, though it is depicted as a droopy one in some episodes). Her eyes are dark blue like her hair. She wears a long light blue dress that reaches her knees plus a long-sleeved blue cardigan, blue socks, and a pair of white/blue short boots.

Glitter Breeze

As Glitter Breeze her hair grows longer and changes in color. Her bangs grow straight with two long strands reaching her chest held aside from her face by yellow barrettes and a bit of her hair is a big difference from the rest of her hair . The hair at the back is separated into 2 layers, the top layer short and the bottom layer reaching to her knees in 4 thick strands. Her tiara is placed in the center of her head with the feather decorations sticking out of each side of her bangs. She wears her Glitter Force uniform with a blue bow that slightly droops with a frilly piece below it. Her bands are simple with the group decoration piece on it. Her boots are almost knee-length with a decoration piece with look similar to Peace's. A dark blue ribbon is tied under it.


As the student council president, Chloe is a calm, mature, and kind young adult, who is at the top of her class. She doesn’t always know what she wants to do in the future, so she often focuses on her family and friends.



April - They know each other since childhood, thus they know each other longer than the rest of the Glitter Force. Whenever April gets scared/needs help, she goes to Chloe.


In Greek, Chloe means "Green herb", or "Fresh blooming".


  • Chloe's theme color is blue.
  • Chloe has two main voice actresses: Kate Higgins (English) and Chinami Nishimura (Japanese).
  • Despite her otherwise immaculate appearance, Chloe often has a strand of hair out of place.
  • Glitter Breeze is the only member of her team to understand her powers for the first time.
  • She is known as Cure Beauty in Smile Pretty Cure!