Sparkle Storm
Sparkle Storm, known in Japan as Happy Shower (ハッピーシャワー Happī Shawā), is Glitter Lucky's main purification attack, which first appeared in Episode 1 of Glitter Force.

In Episode 36, Glitter Lucky uses a powered-up version of the attack, named Sparkle Storm Shining, known in Japan as Happy Shower Shining (ハッピーシャワーシャイニング Happī Shawā Shainingu).

Description Edit

Sparkle Storm Edit

Glitter Lucky first charges up her Glitter Pact with fighting spirit, making it glow and granting her power. Glitter Lucky then uses both hands to draw a large pink heart in front of her, and concentrates the energy into a smaller heart. She then grabs the small heart with both hands, spins around and projects the energy at the enemy.

Sparkle Storm Shining Edit

Glitter Lucky flies to the sky surrounded by pink energy. She puts her hands to attack position, and sucks the Pink energy to her, forming a giant heart that grows up bigger and bigger. Then she shoots all the energy that is inside the heart, forming a giant pink burst of energy that attacks her enemy.

Incantation Edit

English Edit

Glitter Lucky: Glitter Force Sparkle Storm!
Glitter Lucky: Glitter Force Sparkle Storm Shining!

Japanese Edit

Cure Happy: プリキュアハッピーシャワー!
Cure Happy: プリキュアハッピーシャワーシャイニング!

Romanization Edit

Cure Happy: Purikyua Happī Shawā!
Cure Happy: Purikyua Happī Shawā Shainingu!

Translation Edit

Cure Happy: Pretty Cure Happy Shower!
Cure Happy: Pretty Cure Happy Shower Shining!

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