Sparkle Shot, known in Japan as March Shoot (マーチシュート Māchi Shūto), is Glitter Spring's main purification attack, which first appeared in Episode 4 of Glitter Force.

In Episode 34, Glitter Spring uses a powered-up version of the attack, named Sparkle Shot Maximum Impact, known in Japan as March Shoot Impact (マーチシュートインパクト Māchi Shūto Inpakuto).

Description Edit

Sparkle Shot Edit

Glitter Spring first charges up her Glitter Pact with fighting spirit, making it glow and granting her power. When enough fighting spirit has been collected, the Glitter Pact explodes with wind energy that lifts Glitter Spring off the ground and into the air. She then compresses the wind into a ball and kicks it at the enemy soccer-style.

Sparkle Shot Maximum Impact Edit

Glitter Spring first spins into a tornado, collecting wind energy. Then, she kicks the Buffoon up high. She also used the same attack in Episode 38, except that she kicked the ball of wind that Shadow Spring created, turned it green, and sends it flying to Shadow Spring.

Incantation Edit

English Edit

Glitter Spring: Glitter Force Sparkle Shot!
Glitter Spring: Glitter Force Sparkle Shot Maximum Impact!

Japanese Edit

Cure March: プリキュアマーチシュート!
Cure March: プリキュアマーチシュートインパクト!

Romanization Edit

Cure March: Purikyua Māchi Shūto!
Cure March: Purikyua Māchi Shūto Inpakuto!

Translation Edit

Cure March: Pretty Cure March Shoot!
Cure March: Pretty Cure March Shoot Impact!

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