Sparkle Fire, known in Japan as Sunny Fire (サニーファイヤー Sanī Faiā), is Glitter Sunny's main purification attack, which first appeared in Episode 2 of Glitter Force.

In Episode 40, Glitter Sunny uses a powered-up version of the attack, named Sparkle Fire Inferno, known in Japan as Sunny Fire Burning (サニーファイヤーバーニング Sanī Faiā Bāningu).

Description Edit

Sparkle Fire Edit

Glitter Sunny first charges up her Glitter Pact with fighting spirit, making it glow and granting her power. When enough fighting spirit has been collected, the Glitter Pact explodes in fire to form a fireball in the sky. Glitter Sunny then does a run, jumps into the air, spins and blasts the fireball at the enemy in a volleyball spike.

Sparkle Fire Inferno Edit

Glitter Sunny is surrounded by fire and then jumps into the sky with a fireball that gets bigger. Then she punches it to the enemy.The fireball in this attack resembles a small Sun, and is many times larger than the usual Sparkle Fire. Sunny spins the inferno at the enemy instead of throwing it.

Incantation Edit

English Edit

Glitter Sunny: Glitter Force, Sparkle Fire!!!
Glitter Sunny: Glitter Force, Sparkle Fire....Inferno!

Japanese Edit

Cure Sunny: プリキュアサニーファイヤー!
Cure Sunny: プリキュアサニーファイヤーバーニング!

Romanization Edit

Cure Sunny: Purikyua Sanī Faiā!
Cure Sunny: Purikyua Sanī Faiā Bāningu!

Translation Edit

Cure Sunny: Pretty Cure Sunny Fire!
Cure Sunny: Pretty Cure Sunny Fire Burning!

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