Sparkle Blizzard
Sparkle Blizzard (known in Japan as Beauty Blizzard) is Glitter Breeze's main purification attack, which first appeared in episode 5 of Glitter Force.

In episode 40, Glitter Breeze uses a powered-up version of the attack, named Sparkle Blizzard Arrow (known in Japan as Beauty Blizzard Arrow).

Description Edit

Sparkle Blizzard Edit

Glitter Breeze first charges up her Glitter Pact, with fighting spirit, making it glow and granting her power. Glitter Breeze's left hand holds a small blue ball full if energy, while she uses her right hand to draw a snowflake. At last then she blasts the mini - blizzard to the enemy.

Sparkle Blizzard Arrow Edit

Glitter Breeze is holding the bow covered in ice. Two strings chime in and a arrow, too. She aims the arrow to the enemy and lets go of it.

Incantation Edit

English Edit

Glitter Breeze: Glitter Force Sparkle Blizzard!
Glitter Breeze: Glitter Force Sparkle Blizzard Arrow!

Romanization Edit

Cure Beauty: Purikuya! Byūti Burizārdo!
Cure Beauty: Purikuya! Byūti Burizārdo Arō!

Translation Edit

Cure Beauty: Pretty Cure! Beauty Blizzard!
Cure Beauty: Pretty Cure! Beauty Blizzard Arrow!