The Shadow Force, known in Japan as the Bad End Pretty Cure (バッドエンドプリキュア Baddo Endo Purikyua), is a group of girls who were created by Rascal in Episode 37, but only fought the Glitter Force in Episode 38. They represent the dark sides of the Glitter Force.

Shadow Force Edit

Characters Edit

  • Shadow Lucky, known in Japan as Bad End Happy (バッドエンドハッピー Baddo Endo Happī), is Glitter Lucky's dark counterpart. She loves happy things and being happy in its own right, but doesn't care whether or not everyone else is miserable. In fact, her seeing others in despair makes her feel fortunate and confesses to getting pleasure from seeing others suffer. To this end, she intends on bringing despair to everyone in the world, starting with Glitter Lucky.
  • Shadow Sunny, known in Japan as Bad End Sunny (バッドエンドサニー Baddo Endo Sanī), is Glitter Sunny's dark counterpart. She wants to be the Sun that burns everything to the ground. She does not believe that the Sun should be used for goodness whatsoever and is disgusted by what Glitter Sunny believes the Sun is for. She doesn't like friendship and thinks it's unnecessary.
  • Shadow Peace, known in Japan as Bad End Peace (バッドエンドピース Baddo Endo Pīsu), is Glitter Peace's dark counterpart. She also has crybaby tendencies, but she also likes to toy with other people's feelings by faking remorse. She firmly believes that world peace is impossible and that only little princesses would try getting something like that.
  • Shadow Spring, known in Japan as Bad End March (バッドエンドマーチ Baddo Endo Māchi), is Glitter Spring's dark counterpart. She believes that a truly sportsman-like match is fighting her enemies with no remorse. She will stomp on all who cross her. "The strong shall hurt the weak". "Finish off your enemies completely."
  • Shadow Breeze, known in Japan as Bad End Beauty (バッドエンドビューティー Baddo Endo Byūtī), is Glitter Breeze's dark counterpart. She loves only things that are beautiful, and believes that someone is most beautiful when they win. She does seem to have a level of respect for her counterpart, but only a small amount and only after one of her attacks was repelled.

Attacks Edit

  • Shadow Force Heartbreaker, known in Japan as Bad End Shower (バッドエンドシャワー Baddo Endo Shawā), is Shadow Lucky's attack. She first makes a heart-sign before gathering energy into a purple heart. She then fires the beam of energy.
  • Shadow Force Fireball, known in Japan as Bad End Fire (バッドエンドファイア Baddo Endo Faia), is Shadow Sunny's attack. She sheathes herself in purple fire and rams her target.
  • Shadow Force Thunder Blow, known in Japan as Bad End Thunder (バッドエンドサンダー Baddo Endo Sandā), is Shadow Peace's attack. She makes a peace sign with her fingers and raises her hand. Purple thunder is summoned and strikes her enemy.
  • Shadow Force Corner Kick, known in Japan as Bad End Shoot (バッドエンドシュート Baddo Endo Shūto), is Shadow Spring's attack. She conjures a gigantic purple soccer ball-like sphere of wind and then kicks it to her target.
  • Shadow Force Avalanche, known in Japan as Bad End Blizzard (バッドエンドブリザード Baddo Endo Burizādo), is Shadow Breeze's attack. She conjures numerous snowflakes that shoot ice shards in a massive wave.

Appearance Edit

As dark copies, they look very similar to their respective counterparts save for a slightly darker hair color and slight differences in hairstyle. Their outfits are predominantly black with skirts that are slightly darker than their respective counterparts' theme colors. They wear bat-winged hairbands and have a jewel right over their chests. Their eyes resemble slightly-glowing circles and are very unlike all the other human characters'. Finally, they have eyeshadow applied over their eyelids.

Trivia Edit

  • They share their voice actresses with their respective counterparts, both English and Japanese.

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