The Royal Clock is an item that helps the Glitter Force in battles and help the girls use items created by the Glitter Charms aside from the Glitter Pact.


An ornate white clock with gold detail on its base and a gold heart calyx where a hot pink gem button resides, and beneath it is a small heart gem. On both sides is a large white wing with a decorative pink and gold design that has four tiny pearls and one large. On the clock's screen are twelve panels coming in six colors surrounding a smaller screen and when the clock is not yet activated they're darkened, dull forms of white, pink, orange, yellow, green, and blue.

The lower panel has gold ornate detailing and a stylized hot pink heart gem on the sides, surrounding a section for the special Glitter Charm to be inserted. On each side of this medallion is a large, curving pale pink decoration piece.


The clock made its first appearance after the full second set of Glitter Charms was collected and placed into the Charm Chest.

Queen Euphoria can use the clock to speak to the girls.