Rachel (or Hishikawa Rikka in the Japanese), is a female character in Glitter Force Doki Doki. After she transforms, her catchphrase is "The Light Of Wisdom! Glitter Diamond!". She is based on the suite card diamond.


Rachel is kind, calm and responsible. She is shown to be really suspicious of strangers, especially when they try to give her something.

☀ At school she is the student council secretary, and is ranked among the top ten in the country in performing on the national mock exams. She often tries to keep Maya from going crazy. She says she is not athletic and is usually the last to be picked for a sports team. Her father is a photographer who travels a lot so Rachel writes him letters.


Rachel has dark blue hair and some of it is worn in two plaits at the back and tied together with a pale blue bow. Her bangs are brushed aside with some strands left on her forehead. She wears a white shirt and a light blue dress over the shirt and brown shoes. Sometimes she is seen with red glasses.


  • Rachel's theme color is blue
  • In season one, she was the only character to not have her last name said.
  • Her birthday is September 17th, which was revealed in an interview


Maya - Maya is Rachel's Childhood friend

Ira - They are rivals, but in Episode 5 of season 2, she helps Ira when he had amnesia, from getting struck by lightning (the scene was cut), and she protected him from Natalie as she was going to kill Ira when he was in a weak state

Rory - Rory assists Rachel to transform into Glitter Diamond. Rory has a crush on Rachel, which usually embarrasses her, this was revealed in a cut Episode.

Glitter Diamond

"The Light Of Wisdom! Glitter Diamond!" ~ Glitter Diamond's speech

After transforming, Glitter Diamond wears a lot of blue and white. Her outfit is a bit feathery making her resemble an angel.

She is represented by the suite card of Diamonds



(HD) Glitter Force Doki Doki〡Episode 2- A Diamond in the Rough〡Glitter Diamond's Transformation

(HD) Glitter Force Doki Doki〡Episode 2- A Diamond in the Rough〡Glitter Diamond's Transformation

Glitter Diamond's first time transforming