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Queen Euphoria, known in Japan as Royale Queen (ロイヤルクイーン Roiyaru Kuīn) is a supporting character in Glitter Force, and is the former ruler of Jubiland.

Abilities Edit

Queen Euphoria appears to be extremely powerful, however, when Jubiland was attacked she lost most of her power, but used the remainder of it to seal Nogo away. It seems she can also help the Glitter Force transform, as her voice can be heard when the girls begin their transformations.

Appearance Edit

Queen Euphoria is shown to be a beautiful woman. She has long curly golden hair and golden eyes, as well as pale yellow skin. She wears a long frilly gold-white dress and a golden crown with four feathers jutting from either side of it.

Personality Edit

Queen Euphoria appears to be a kind and wise woman, and all the pixies of Jubiland regard her as their mother. She seems to be concerned for the safety of Candy and the Glitter Force, and advises them whenever she can.

History Edit

Attack in Jubiland Edit

When Jubiland was attacked by Nogo and the Shadow Realm, she used the Glitter Charms that make up her power, but they were stolen by him. She then used the remainder of her power to seal Nogo away, but that caused her to turn into a statue. She then sent five magical lights to Earth. She then sent Candy to search for the Glitter Force that have the five magical lights in order to recover the Glitter Charms and restore her power.

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Trivia Edit

  • The Princess Mode outfits seem to be loosely based on Queen Euphoria's appearance.
  • She has two main voice actresses: Mary Elizabeth McGlynn (English) and Sumi Shimamoto (Japanese).

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