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Pop is a pixie from Jubiland and is one of the two main mascots in Glitter Force. He came to Earth after his little sister, Candy, to give the Glitter Force the Charm Chest to collect the Glitter Charms in.

Abilities Edit

Using traditional power scrolls, Pop is able to transform into giant versions of various objects to do battle. In Episode 6, he transformed into a giant drink can crusher to fight against the drink can Buffoon. In this state, he has been shown to use sumo wrestling moves as well. He was also seen turning the Glitter Force into Pixies, such as himself, by taking out a few furs from his tail. Pop can also sense bad energy, as shown in Episode 6.

Appearance Edit

Pop appears to be a miniature lion with a bushy fox-like tail. His fur is mainly pale orange in color, with an orange mane and tail. Like Candy, he has blue heart-shaped markings near his eyes, and his mane is styled such that it covers his right eye from view. His ears stick out from his mane and lie curled up against his head, though it has been shown that he can uncurl them at will.

History Edit

Coming to Earth Edit

Pop's first appearance is in Episode 6 when the girls ask Candy about what they should be doing. He pops out of a book and takes them to the Library of Legends where he shows the girls the book that Candy came from. He then gives the girls the Charm Chest and tells them to collect and store the Glitter Charms inside it. He also explains how the library works and that you can use the combination to go to the nearest bookcase at the place you're thinking of at the time. He later senses Brooha causing trouble and tells the Glitter Force to picture where she is to get to the place to stop her. Right before Emily goes through the portal, she becomes distracted because she saw a book with a penguin on the cover, ending up at the South Pole where Pop goes to rescue her. He also helps defeat Brooha by turning into a gigantic drink can crusher to crush the soda can Buffoon. He then says that he has to return to Jubiland to finish a mission there and that they can contact him by using the cell phone charm.

Relationships Edit

Candy - Pop is a responsible older brother to Candy, and always looks out for her and Candy depends on him a lot and is extremely attached to him.

Trivia Edit

  • Pop has two main voice actors: Todd Haberkorn (English) and Daisuke Sakaguchi (Japanese).

Gallery Edit

References Edit

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