Lily (or Kise Yayoi in Smile Pretty Cure) also known as Glitter Peace, is a character in Glitter Force.


Lily has blonde hair styled to wrap around her neck.Her hairs curl near the end. She wears a white headband with orange gems at the sides and her bangs are cut to eyebrow length and they share a somewhat similar look to Clara Yotsuba's. She wears a light yellow shirt with the sleeves a bit puffed and an orange dress with three cuts at the hem over the shirt. She also wears frilly white socks with dark orange shoes.

As Glitter Peace her hair grows longer and is styled in a cone with some hair that fans out wide creating a ponytail. Some of her bangs curl outwards and some of it droops down and curl inwards. The rest of it is styled into a bud-like shape that rests on her forehead. She wears her Glitter Force uniform with an extra piece at the back, bands with the group decoration on it and shin-length boots with a yellow piece, yellow bows and yellow tips and heels. Her tiara is titled to one side on her head and two feather decors stick out of it.


Lilly is also the most sensitive and artistic of the Glitter Force. She cares for her friends and everyone around her. She has some insecurity with who she is, how she socializes and her creativity. She also gets a bit better with socializing throughout the series.


Emily: She is also like Emily in some ways, like when they both get excited over the same idea of getting a group catchphrase.


  • Lily's theme color is yellow.
  • Lily has two main voice actresses: Alex Cazares (English) and Hisako Kanemoto (Japanese).
  • For the English dub Glitter Force, Akane (Cure Sunny) and Yayoi (Cure Peace) are the only two who keep their original Cure names, as Glitter Sunny and Glitter Peace.
  • Glitter Peace is the only character to be startled of her own attack.
  • Every episode her transformation is slightly different.
  • It is shown that Lily likes to draw comics
  • At first, Glitter Peace's catchphrase was made fun of for being stupid, too cute or bad