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Nogo, known in Japan as Pierrot (ピエーロ Piēro), is the main antagonist of the series and the evil emperor of the Shadow Realm. For the first half of the season, the Shadow Realm villains worked to collect enough Bad Energy to revive him, as he had been sealed away by Queen Euphoria before the start of the story. In Episode 20, he was successfully revived, but temporarily defeated by the Glitter Force in Princess Mode. However, a piece of Nogo managed to escape.

Abilities Edit

As the head of the villains, Nogo is fierce and intense, and a blast of Bad Energy from his mouth easily defeated the Glitter Force's Tiara Mode Torrent attack. However, his just-awakened state was no match for the girls' upgraded Princess Mode, and he was temporarily defeated by new attack Rainbow Burst. He also has the ability to create magical black ink, which the Shadow Realm Commanders use to create Bad End Space and gather Bad Energy from despair. When awakened, Nogo can manipulate this ink into attacks or monsters, as well as absorb it to empower himself.

Appearance Edit

When the four generals of the Shadow Realm (Rascal, Ulric, Brute and Brooha) first attempted to revive him, he resembled a gigantic clown, dressed in a dark purple suit. He had red glowing eyes, a red nose and raven-colored hair, decorated with 4 colored balls that resemble the Buffoon noses. He also had a purple flame aura erupting from the top of his head.

When he is successfully revived at full power toward the very end of the series, he most notably no longer has a clown nose, and has very large black wings sprouted from his back, with small holes torn in them. He also has a more lithe upper-body build.

History Edit

In the past, Nogo invaded Jubiland with his minions, but Queen Euphoria used all her power to seal Nogo away, but he stole the source of her power, the Glitter Charms, and gave them to his minions, Ulric, Brute, Brooha, and Rascal.

Nogo's minions then went to Earth and sucked the hopes and dreams out of people, collecting their negative energy to turn the Wheel of Doom, so that Nogo becomes one step closer to reviving. Eventually Nogo is revived, but the Glitter Force almost immediately defeat him in Princess Mode. However, Nogo survives, as their attack is not strong enough to destroy him, and is sealed inside an egg, which is collected by Rascal.

Nogo's minions once again collect negative energy from humans to turn the Wheel of Doom and release Nogo, who comes to Earth in his egg, which has turned into a giant cocoon. Nogo reawakens after Rascal sacrifices himself to complete the revival, and summons an army of shadow monsters, who defeat the Glitter Force, before Nogo paints the Glitter Force book black, sending the Glitter Force into the Land of Despair, from which they are saved by Candy. Nogo attacks Candy, but the Glitter Force turn Royal Mode, destroy Nogo's army, and fight Nogo, quickly gaining the upper hand.

However, Nogo survives and transforms into a void of darkness. Nogo begins to consume the earth, and smashes the Glitter Force with his fist, breaking their transformations. The Glitter Force use the Miracle Jewel to transform one last time, and destroy Nogo once and for all.

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