Natalie (or Madoka Aguri in the Japanese version, Doki Doki! Pretty Cure) is a Glitter Force warrior. appears to be 10-11 years old (17-18 as Glitter Ace), but she's actually only a year old.

When she transforms, she becomes older, and becomes Glitter Ace (Cure Ace in Doki Doki! Pretty Cure)

After she transforms, her catchphrase is "A for absolutely fabulous! I'm Glitter Ace!"


As Glitter Ace, she seems to be cold hearted and responsible, but as Natalie, she is childish and not bossy basically.

She is a mysterious elementary school girl in the fourth grade, who first appears in episode 22 when she protects the heroines from Regina. She is generally very calm, quiet and wise, often lecturing the other girls and pushing them to become stronger. Despite keeping up a stern demeanor most of the time, she has a weakness for sweet foods. Natalie is also very fond of Dina and treats her like a little sister.

For unknown reasons, she became a Glitter Force warrior before the events of the series, separated from Dina after being defeated by the Mercenare, and she doesn't remember anything before encounter with her foster grandmother, Mari. It as only once the Royal Crystals are gathered that Natalie is reunited with Dina and resumes her duties. It is later revealed that Natalie is actually the personified goodness of Marie Angelica and believes that she is destined to fight Regina, her biological sister. Her pixie partner is Dina.


As Natalie she has long brown hair that reaches to her waist & tied into a small hun and she wears a red dress with white socks and red shoes.

As Glitter Ace she wears a white dress with a cape-like hem and a red(main), white(sub) and black(sub) petticoat. She has a golden heart brooch with two pink pieces under it. Her hair is tied into a thick and big pigtail with a huge knot supporting it. She also wears a golden choker.


Natalie is a split piece of heart from Princess Marie Angelica. She was the love for her kingdom while Regina was the love for her father. After her heart was split, Natalie was sent to her grandma.


  • Natalie's theme color is red.
  • Dina assists Natalie to transform into Glitter Ace.
  • Natalie shares her name with Natalie from the original Pretty Cure dub by Ocean Studios.
  • Natalie appears in the last episode of season 1 of Glitter Force Doki Doki.
  • She can only be Glitter Ace for five minutes at a time, but when she uses the Golden Crown of Wisdom, she can be Glitter Ace for as long as she needs to.
  • Natalie technically has a sister, Regina.
  • She is the first Glitter Force Warrior to join later on in the series.
  • She is the first Glitter Force Warrior to age up when she transforms.
  • Despite being the youngest Glitter Force Warrior ever in civilian form, she is also the eldest when transformed.


"A for absolutely fabulous."

"Are you ready for it? Apply shades of victory!"

"Guaranteed to make any heart go aflutter,"

"Ace Shot...BOOM!"


(HD) Glitter Force Doki Doki〡S2-E2- The First Rule of Glitter Force!〡Glitter Ace Transformation

(HD) Glitter Force Doki Doki〡S2-E2- The First Rule of Glitter Force!〡Glitter Ace Transformation