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Welcome to Glitter Force Wiki! It's the official wiki where you can learn about the adventures of Emily, Kelsey, Lily, April and Chloe as they fight to protect the world from the forces of evil! This wiki is glitter-tastic!

What Is Glitter Force?

The kingdom of Jubiland, where various characters from fairy tales reside, is attacked by the evil Emperor Nogo, who intends to direct its world to have its unhappy ending, but is stopped when Queen Euphoria uses the last of her energy to seal him away. When Nogo's minions from the Shadow Realm try to revive him by harnessing negative energy from the people of Earth, Euphoria sends the messenger Candy to assemble a team of five magical girls known as the Glitter Force. The series follows the formation of the team and the adventures of the girls as they try to fight off their enemies to collect the magical Glitter Charms that will enable them to upgrade their powers and revive Euphoria.

Smile Pretty Cure! is a Japanese magical girl anime produced by Toei Animation in 2012, which was later adapted into English by Saban Brands under the name "Glitter Force" and was released as a Netflix exclusive outside of Asia and in multiple languages on December 18, 2015.

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Glitter Force - OFFICIAL TRAILER!!!

Differences Between Smile and Glitter Force

  • The names of the Cures are Americanized and the villains' names are changed as well.
  • The Akanbes are renamed "Buffoons."
  • Most, if not all of the music in the dub, is rescored.
  • Only 40 episodes are dubbed in English, with 8 of them omitted.
  • Märchenland has been renamed as Jubiland and Nanairogaoka has been renamed as Rainbow Hills.
  • The transformation phrased is changed to "Glitter Force Makeover!". Unlike in Pretty Cure, they also talk during the transformation.
  • Fairies have been renamed "Pixies" in the dub.
  • The Bad End Kingdom has been renamed the "Shadow Realm".
  • The Magical Library is now called the "Library of Legends".
  • The Bad End Pretty Cure are now called the "Shadow Force".
  • Many scenes of the show, including parts of the opening and the transformation and attack sequences, are darkened heavily. This is probably to reduce the risk of certain viewers developing epilepsy or any eye problems from the bright or flashing colors.
  • Various signs, letters, or anything featuring Japanese text is either erased or replaced with English sentences and phrases.
  • The ending alternates every four episodes. While the first two contained footage from the Japanese endings, the other three are all new with different CGI models.

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