The Library of Legends, known in Japan as the Magical Library (ふしぎ図書館 Fushigi Toshokan), is a magical location in Glitter Force. It is the place where all fairy tales from the different worlds are stored. It seems to be located in an alternate dimension, separate from the human world and Jubiland, and can only be accessed through the Book Door Code. The girls' secret base is also located here.

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The main part of the Library of Legends appears to be a field, surrounded by towering trees. The roots and trunks of the huge trees have been modified into bookshelves, where all the fairytale books are kept. There are also numerous giant toadstools scattered throughout the field.

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The girls' secret Glitter Force base is located within the Library of Legends, and was modified from a giant tree stump using the magic of the star Glitter Charm piece in Episode 7.

The interior of the secret base resembles an indoor library, with numerous bookshelves, an upper-storey balcony with sofa, and a table and chair set in the center of the room.

Their base uses mushrooms as seats and Irish remedies.

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