Let Your Heart Light Shine(or My Sweet Heart in the Japanese) is Glitter Heart's basic attack.

How It Works

First Heart inserts the special attack charm on the Glitter Pad's medallion and draws a heart on the screen, making the smaller heart inside it blinks 2 times as it says "Doki Doki!" Her brooch shines and she covers it using her hands as she spins around slowly. After that she faces her enemy and releases her hands. A group of small round-headed slashes make up a heart and it disappears as the brooch fires a beam of pink energy to the enemy.


This is the only attack that breaks the name pattern, as the other attacks have 2 or 3-word names.

It is one of the 2 attacks that uses a brooch to fire.

She uses a powered-up version of this attack in her Parthenon Mode.