Lance is a yellow bear-like pixie and is partners with Clara. With his help, Clara can transform into Glitter Clover. He is also the youngest out of the other pixies.

☀ He is the third of the pixie triplets. He is a little spoiled. He later learns to transform into a human form, resembling a very young boy with curly hair. In the Japanese dub, he ends his sentences with "~de ransu!". He is named after "Lancelot", the Knave of Clubs.


Lance is cute, yet also a bit naive and a little spoiled. He was determined to find a partner, and found Clara as the perfect one. He helps Clara with the battle also.


Clara: Lance is Clara's fairy partner. He is really attached to her, and is in her care.


  • His tail looks like Kippie's tail.
  • He is the only pixie to not have a bow on his head. Instead, he has small flowers surrounding his medallion.