Jared, known in Japan as Irie (入江 Irie) is the Student Council President in Rainbow Hills Middle School. He is handsome and very popular among the female students. He appears to be friends with Chloe as they are both in the Student Council.

Appearance Edit

Jared is a tanned boy with dark brown hair and brown eyes, and is always shown in the standard boys' uniform for the school.

Personality Edit

As the President of Student Council, he is a responsible and friendly guy. He's okay with girls around him all the time for his popularity and he's handsome. He must do his jobs as President, but when he misses it, Chloe usually does it for him. He seems to be close friends with Chloe and shocked to see she's leaving Student Council and tells her she can rest anytime.

History Edit

He first appeared in Episode 4, where girls are telling Emily, Kelsey and Lily to move somewhere to eat and April defends them, saying that the girls are bullying them and that the courtyard is for everyone. Then Jared appears, saying that the April is right that the courtyard belongs to everyone and the girls immediately listened to him (because they liked him) and apologized to Emily and the others. Jared left and the girls followed him, and Chloe then passed by impressed and smiling for what Jared did.

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