Glitter Force Doki Doki is the second (3rd and 4th Season) Glitter Force series.

The first season was released on Netflix on August 18th and the second season was released November 10th.


A new team of Glitter Force warriors unite to defend Earth and the magical kingdom of Splendorious from the evil King Mercenare and his minions.

Maya Aida is a normal girl who learns she is part of the newest Glitter Force team and must defend Earth from the Mercenares, who plan to rip out everyone's hearts out and turn them into raging monsters.

The Glitter Force warriors continue their battle against the evil King Mercenare with the help of a fierce new ally: Glitter Ace.



Maya Aida/Glitter Heart

Rachel/Glitter Diamond

Clara Yotsuba/Glitter Clover

Mackenzie Mack/Glitter Spade

Natalie/Glitter Ace

Supporting Characters

Kippie - Maya's pixie partner. She helps her transform into Glitter Heart.

Rory - Rachel's pixie partner. He helps her transform into Glitter Diamond.

Lance - Clara's pixie partner. He helps her transform into Glitter Clover.

Davi - Mackenzie's pixie partner. She helps her transform into Glitter Spade.

Dina - A mysterious baby, born from an egg. She has strange magical powers, and she aids the Glitter Force in battles. She helps Natalie transform into Glitter Ace. She is also a part of Princess Maria Angelica.

Princess Marie Angelica - The princess of Splendorious and close friend of Mackenzie, also the fiancée of Johnny. When Splendorious was attacked, she was seperated from Glitter Spade, who was trying to protect her.


Distains - The summoned monsters from the Mercenares. They are created by selfish thoughts of someone, and can only be purified by the Glitter Force.

King Mercenare - The main antagonist of the series. Father of Regina, and feared by the Mercenares, who do his bidding. He was put under a spell by the Princess, causing him to turn in stone. He needs Distains, made by the Mercenares, to collect dark energy, so he can be free.

Regina - Daughter of King Mercenare, and wants to be friends with Maya, not wanting to fight her. She is quite spoiled, and demands the trio to do her bidding. When they don’t, she threatens them with her father. When she learns about the Glitter Force, she only wants to spend time with Maya, but learns to respect Maya's wishes and also spend time with her friends. Later, she is brainwashed by King Mercenare, believing that he only has her, causing her to fight the Glitter Force. Regina is Latin for Queen.

Ira - The youngest of the Mercenare trio, around the age of the Glitter Force. He is the first villian to fight the Glitter Force, and when in his hideout with his "colleagues", he can be seen arguing with Marmo a lot, and proving that he is a bit bratty, but can actually be very sadistic. After season 2 episode 5, he acts a bit softer around people, even the Glitter Force, especially Glitter Diamond. He represents Wrath.

Marmo - A young, female adult, and a member of the Mercenare trio. She mostly cares about her beauty and success, as seen that she, most of the time, applies make-up and reading beauty magazines. She also fusses about the smallest things, like when her hair is a bit messy. In season 2, episode 4, she transforms into Glitzy Marmalade. Her weapon is a whip. She represents Greed.

Bel - A middle-aged man, and the leader of the trio. He is loyal to King Mercenare, but plans to overthrow him. He demands respect of the Ira and Marmo, but they often make fun of him. He is smarter than his colleagues, and almost succeeded in defeating Glitter Heart, but the other girls found out about it. He represents Sloth.


Glitter Force Doki Doki - Season 2 - Opening

Glitter Force Doki Doki - Season 2 - Opening


  • This will be placed in another universe, where the previous Glitter Force team never existed(but in the Japanese version there is a mashup called Pretty Cure All Stars and it includes all the warriors in every season in one universe).
  • This is the first season to only start with 4 girls, until later they are joined by another (named Natalie).
  • This is the first season to have a purple Glitter Force warrior.
  • This is the first season to be a spinoff.
  • Due to the episode of Mackenzie's song towards Regina was omitted its not explain in the dub how the Glitter Force uses Royal Lovely Straight Flush.