This article is about the song Glitter Force. For the series, click here.

Glitter Force is the opening theme to the titular series Glitter Force. It is also used as the first ending for the second season.

Lyrics Edit

Here we go! (Go! Go!)
Glitter Force! (Go! Go!)
Shining bright this light so we can find our way
And forever and ever we will say
Here we go! (Go! Go!)
Glitter Force! (Go! Go!)
Shining bright this life that we will see each day
And forever and ever we'll stay Glitter Force!
(Glitter Force! Glitter Force!)

Doki Doki Version:

Glitter Force (Doki Doki!)

Glitter Force (Move your body)

Shining Bright This Light! 

So we can find our way! (We'll find our way!) 

And forever and ever we'll say!

Glitter Force (Doki Doki) 

Glitter Force (move your body) 

Shining Bright this light 

That we'll see each day! 

(We'll see each day!) 

And forever and ever! 

We'll stay Glitter Force! 

Glitter Force!

(Glitter Force!)

Trivia Edit

  • The opening animations are recycled from the original Japanese Smile Pretty Cure! opening.
  • This song plays whenever they use Rainbow Burst.
  • An instrumental version of the theme is sometimes used when the girls transform.

Videos Edit

Glitter Force - Music Video - "Glitter Force"01:11

Glitter Force - Music Video - "Glitter Force"

Glitter Force Opening00:33

Glitter Force Opening

Glitter Force Doki Doki - Opening00:31

Glitter Force Doki Doki - Opening

Glitter Force Doki Doki Season 3 Version

References Edit

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