The Glitter Force is a magical group of 12-year-old(14-year-old in the Japanese) girls that Queen Euphoria enlisted Candy to assemble, in order to keep Emperor Nogo from giving the world an unhappy ending. The Glitter Force consists of five girls, named Emily, (Glitter Lucky) Kelsey, (Glitter Sunny) Lily, (Glitter Peace) April, (Glitter Spring) and Chloe. (Glitter Breeze) together, they fight villains such as Ulric, Brute, Brooha, Rascal, and even Emperor Nogo himself! Their catchphrase is: "Let's blaze away to a happy ending! Shining bright, here comes the Glitter Force!" Before the full team was assembled, to have enough spirit to unleash Sparkle Storm, Emily created her own chant to help her channel her spirit, that chant was later removed, but Emily occasionally uses it, under certain circumstances.

The next generation has 12-year-old(14-Year-Old in Japanese) Maya (Glitter Heart), Rachel (Glitter Diamond), Clara (Glitter Clover), Mackenzie (Glitter Spade) and later joined 10/9-year-old Natalie (Glitter Ace) assemble, in order to keep the Mercenares from taking over Earth, and turning them into Disdains. Together they fight villains such as Ira, Marmo, Bel, Leva, Gula, Regina and King Mercenare himself!

Seasons Edit

Glitter Force Doki Doki

Glitter Force


Videos Edit

Glitter Force Opening00:33

Glitter Force Opening

Gallery Edit

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