The Library of Legends, known in Japan as Team Formation! Smile Pretty Cure!! (Chīmu kesssi! Sumairu Purikuya!), is the sixth episode of Glitter Force: Season 1 and is the sixth episode overall.

Major Events

  • Pop makes his first appearance.
  • The girls transform the first time.
  • This is the second time Glitter Lucky deafeats the Buffoon.
  • Rascal makes his first appearance.
  • Pop uses his tranformation the first time.


The episode begins with the girls and Candy celebrating the Glitter Force and find out more. The girls ask Candy to tell the story, but Candy has forgotten to tell the story. Then, Emily sees the flying book in the sky and it hits her in the face. The lion-like creature pops out of the book and introduces himself as Pop. Candy gets excited to see her brother.

After seeing Candy's brother, Pop styles Candy's ears like a turban. Pop seemed to know more about the Glitter Force Warriors, Candy panicked because she thought she had lost it. Emily then remembered placing it on a bookshelf in the Library of Ledgends. Pop then opened a portal to the library using Emily's bookcase, and the girls were sucked in.

In the library, Pop explained that the library was where all the fairy tales of the world were stored. In her excitement, Emily tripped over Candy's pink story book, and Pop began to tell the story of the Glitter Force.

A long time ago, there was a peaceful place known as Jubiland, where pixies from all the different fairytale lived in harmony. One day, the evil emperor Nogo came to wreck havoc. Jubiland's queen, Euphoria fought to protect her land, but her source of happiness, the Glitter Charm, were stolen from her. Nogo used the Glitter Charm to create Red Noses which he gave to his subordinates. With her last energy, Euphoria managed to seal Nogo away, and the battle ended. Pop then told the Glitter Force that their goal was to purify the Red Noses and gain back the Glitter Charm pieces for storage in the Charm Chest. When the Charm Chest is filled up, Euphoria would be revived.

At the Shadow Realm, the Villans are playing a game of cards to determine who should go out to collect black energy that day. Rascal then made his appearance through one of the poker cards and reminded the Villans is their goal to revive Nogo and to plunge the universe into a Unhappy Ending. To prevent that, Euphoria sent 5 miraculous lights to earth, and Candy was given the task of looking for the Glitter Force to help her. However, after Glitter Breeze's page in the storybook, the pages were blank, and the Glitter Force were told to continue creating the story in the future.

Fired up with excitement, the girls were eager to help revive Euphoria, but Emily would not let them get on without a good signature phrase. Kelsey and April were not as keen as Emily and Lily, but when Chloe pointed out that a phrase could help unite them, the girls decided to come up with one. However, they failed to come up with a satisfaction phrase.

Just then, Brooha won the card game and flew off to the human world to collect black energy, which is picked up by Pop. Pop then taught the girls how to use the portal to wherever they wanted. The girls focused on traveling to the point where smiles were being stolen, but at the last minute, Emily spotted a book with a penguin on the cover, resulting in her traveling to the South Pole instead. Pop went to bring her back, and along the way, he confessed that although Candy always tried her best, she was a crybaby and afraid of loneliness. Emily assured Pop that they would look after Candy and protect her smile, which led her to the think of a good signature phrase.

At the park, Kelsey, Lily, April and Chloe tried to stop Brooha, but she created a Buffoon out of an empty drink can. Just then, Emily arrived and the girls are all transformed using their catchphrase saying "Shining bright! Here comes the Glitter Force!" and a group pose for the first time. However, they were quickly deafeated by the Buffoon.

To protect them, Pop used his special transformation powers to turn into a recycling bin. Together with the Glitter Force, Pop crushed the drink can Buffoon, weakening it considerably and allowing Lucky to purify it with Sparkle Storm.

After defeating the Buffoon, the girls received a Glitter Charm and put it on the Charm Chest. At sunset, Pop returns to Jubiland, leaving Candy with the girls. While Candy was upset, the girls cheer her up to turn that smile upside down. Then, Candy's stomach growls and asks the girls that they have bring a snack. The girls then started to laugh.


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