Glitter Spring
Here Comes Glitter Spring!, known in Japan as A Straight Up Bout! Cure March of the Wind!! (直球勝負!風のキュアマーチ!!Chokkyū shōbu! Kaze no Kyua Māchi!!), is the fourth episode of Glitter Force: Season 1 and is the fourth episode overall.

Major Events

  • April transforms into Glitter Spring for the first time.
  • Glitter Spring uses Sparkle Shot for the first time.
  • Jared makes his first appearance.


Emily helps Candy make her ears look like rabbit ears, but Emily soon realized that she was running late again.

Meanwhile at the Shadow Realm, Brute gets himself a new cloth, however, he was vaguely ready to attack the Glitter Force.

At school, Lily reveals that she created a lunchbox that looks like Candy. Two girls then interrupt Emily, Kelsey and Lily, saying that the three girls would have to move over but April came by and explained that the courtyard was for everyone. Seeing this, Student Council President Jared comes by and agrees with April, saying that the spot belongs to everybody. The two girls then apologize to Emily and the others and walk off with the President. Chloe was shown to have seen the situation.

When April starts her soccer practice, the girls see her running rapidly to score a goal. While the girls cheered for her; Emily wanted April to become the fourth member of the Glitter Force, but as she was about to go talk to April, a horde of girls gathered around her, which meant that Emily was not able to talk to her as April had already left.

The next day, since Emily still wanted to talk to April, she left her house to find her, but she became lost since she does not know where April lives. Soon she starts panicking. Suddenly April appears and sees this and asks if she was Emily. April then invites Emily to have lunch at her place. Next, Emily meets April's five siblings: Calvin, Harriet, Hannah, Hugo and Cody. While April prepares dinner, the siblings wanted to play with Emily. The siblings chased Emily before the toddler Cody spotted Candy and tried to play with her, thinking that she was a puppy. The siblings almost threatened Candy, accidentally tossing her outside, and making her dizzy.

An hour later, Emily and April watched the children play soccer by themselves when Kelsey and Lily, who was holding Candy, came by because Emily had called them. The siblings challenged Emily, Kelsey, and Lily to a soccer match by using their bonds, but Brute interrupted them to use the Negative Energy to weaken April and the siblings.

Emily, Kelsey and Lily then transformed into the Glitter Force. Glitter Lucky uses her Sparkle Storm to dodge the Buffoon's attacks, but was captured by the Buffoon's net. Then, the Buffoon defeated Glitter Sunny and Glitter Peace. April tries to protect the siblings but is unable to until she gets the Glitter Pact and transforms into Glitter Spring.

As Glitter Spring, she goes after the Buffoon, but she slightly runs too fast, making her crash into the pole. She almost defeats the Buffoon, and then uses her Sparkle Shot to defeat it. The team receive a Glitter Charm, and April's siblings are free at last. With her new powers, April decides to join the others as a member of the Glitter Force.


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