34 - "United as One! Miracle Fashion Show at the Culture Festival!!"

"Itchi Danketsu! Bunkasai de Mirakuru Fasshon Shō!!" (一致団結!文化祭でミラクルファッションショー!!) 

October 7, 2012 N/A N/A[44]
(Japanese version only) As the girls class decides to do a fashion show for the culture festival, one of the boys, Toyoshima, refuses to participate as he feels it is too girly. Wanting everyone to work together, Emily tries to get Toyoshima to join in but he still objects, saying he wanted to do a band performance instead. Emily and the others try convince him but he remains stubborn, which starts to put a damper on the overall mood. As Emily follows after Toyoshima and hears his thoughts on how he wants to have fun with everyone, Brooha appears and becomes a Guitar Hyper Buffoon, using booming music to overwhelm the Cures. Thankfully, Candy manages to use one of the Decors to slip the Buffoon up, giving the Cures a chance to defeat it. Afterwards, Emily manages to get Toyoshima to participate by having his band perform musical accompaniment for the fashion show.