The Lost Girls, known in Japan as School Excursion! Lost in Osaka!? (Shūgaku Ryokō! Osaka de Magio in Nacchatta!?), is the thirteenth episode of Glitter Force: Season 1 and is the thirteenth episode overall.

Major Events

  • This is the second time the girls went to Asia Pacific Expo.
  • This is the third time the girls use Tiara Mode Torrent.


The girls are making their way with the class towards Asia Pacific Expo. Miss Mason announces them to stay together during their trip. Emily tells her friends that they should stay foucused. April tells Kelsey about the various foods around here. Chloe checks the schedule to point out the three locations they visit: The castle, museum, and the zoo. She then finds out that they are behind schedule.

The girls hurry to visit the castle to explore it while Chloe guides them around. This time, Emily, Lily, and Candy stand nearby to observe the Koi and tiger statue. Candy tells Emily she would like to dress up, but Emily isn't sure to help until Candy asks for an alternate hairstyle.

In this time, Kelsey, April, and Chloe realize the trio aren't with them. The same occurs for the other three after Emily uses an ice cream hairstyle on Candy's hair and they notice Chloe isn't talking anymore.

Meanwhile, Brooha is out in search of her candy jar. By the time she finds it, she is furious to see that is empty. She attempts to find some to replace it but sees none - until and ad on TV plays a commercial of candy, she decides to head out at the Asia Pacific Expo to purchase some.

Kelsey, April, and Chloe head back to try to find the others and leave the Castle, unaware the the trio are still inside. As Chloe worries over their safety, Lily is excited to have an adventure in Asia Pacific Expo and compares it to an RPG.

The trio split up and meet again at Nakanoshima, when April complains over being hungry.

Meanwhile, not worried in the least bit, Emily, Lily, and Candy are goofing off by taking photographs of themselves and observing the view in Asia Pacific Expo. They check their schedule and head to Nakanoshima in hopes of finding Kelsey, April, and Chloe there as well. However they struggle to understand the map and are unable to read it well.

As the three arrive, Kelsey April, and Chloe come across some tourists again, and instead of being given candy, they are treated to some kitsune undon at the shop. As the girls eat their is udon, one of the tourist makes a joke about the price and asks the girls where they are heading. As April sleepily dazes off while attempting to eat, Chloe explains they got separated from their friends and had been trying to find them. To their surprise, the tourists seem to recognize Emily's discription and they run off, with April complaining that she wasn't able to eat.

As Emily, Lily, and Candy board the boat, some tourists give the girls some orange candy. As this is going on, a worn out Kelsey and Chloe, along with a famished April, run after the trio, to try to catch them before the boat takes off.

As this is going on, Emily is saddened for the others, recalling how excited they were to try some rice balls while there, then she decides she nor Lily will have any until they find the others.

The third time Kelsey, April, and Chloe run into the tourists they are given some natto gyoza candy. By now they are worn out and famished with their stomachs growling - feeling even worse as they pass the coveted rice ball shop, which they ignore until they find the others.

Brooha arrived at the shop that she wanted some natto gyoza candies, but she is politely told that they ran out, which causes her to get angry and use her black energy to summon a blue-nosed Buffoon as a tower. With Emily, Candy, and Lily in there at the time they are stuck within it. Lily incidentally causes it to choke after she spills her candy, and in this time, Kelsey, April, and Chloe are able to spot them. They all transform but note that Lucky and Peace are still stuck.

Suddenly, Sunny gets an idea and decides that they need to make the Buffoon open his mouth to free Glitter Lucky and Peace. Combining Sparkle Fire, Sparkle Shot, and Sparkle Blizzard, it does not affect the Buffoon; but just then, Candy gets an idea and instructs Lucky to use the Butterfly Glitter Charm, that will allow Glitter Sunny, Spring, and Breeze to use butterfly wings to fly.

Glitter Spring threw the natto gyoza candy to the Buffoon, making him choke again and freeing the two girls out of his mouth. Finally, the Glitter Force used Tiara Mode Torrent to purify the Buffoon.

After Brooha escapes, everything was back to normal. Luckily, April was still hungry. Emily suggests the girls to go to the rice ball shop. The girls rush to the rice ball shop where April tries it for the first time, along with the other girls. With their school trip ending, the girls return back home with the rest of the class.


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