Emily(or Hoshizora Miyuki) also known as Glitter Lucky is the main character in Glitter Force and also the first Glitter Force leader.


Emily is a happy-go-lucky lady that won't let anyone in to a sad ending. And she can be very cute. She is really protective when it comes to her friends.


In the anime she is very close to the other 4 Glitter Force members as well as Candy the pixie. As she quotes a lot that her friends mean the world to her.


Emily has magenta hair, styled in two buns with two yellow bows. And she has magenta eyes as well. She wears a light pink long sleeve, a ruffled dress with two layers, and a magenta vest with knee-high socks with a pink stripe on the top, and light pink sneakers.


  • Emily loves fairytales, especially Rumpelstiltskin.
  • In Smile Pretty Cure!, Glitter lucky is called Cure Happy.



Glitter Force - Episode 1 Clip - An Exciting Beginning

Glitter Force - Episode 1 Clip - An Exciting Beginning

Emily's first transformation into Glitter Lucky