Dina(or Ai in Doki Doki Pretty Cure)is a mysterious baby pixie, born from an egg. She is Natalie's partner, and assists her to become Glitter Ace. She is Princess Marie Angelica.

Personality Edit

Just like any baby, Dina is happy and can cry a lot. Despite that, Dina can be very playful although, sometimes can be too playful.

Bio Edit

Dina is a baby born from an egg and she's mysterious.The girls named her Dina due to constantly saying "Dina". When Princess Marie Angelica was separated from Glitter Spade, she broke her heart into two, resulting in Regina and Natalie. Once she did that, her body transformed into Dina . The process can not be reversed, so Marie Angelica will live as Dina.

Triva Edit

  • In the Japanese, if Dina were to be selfish she would power up the Mercenares and their Distains