Davi is the purple pixie who helps Mackenzie transform into Glitter Spade.

☀ She can transform into an adult human, acting in the role of Mackenzie's manager. In the anime, she ends her sentences with "~da byi!" or "~byi!". She is named after "David", the King of Spades.


  • Davi is the second female pixie after Kippie.
  • Her pixie form isn't revealed until episode 5 (The Spade from Splendorius) except that when Maya got a letter from Davi, a small silhouette of a strange pixie (Davi) running away appeared at the corner of the door.
  • She is the only pixie to not have a bushy tail. Instead, she has a slim and long tail, like a cat's.
  • She is shown to be strict.