"Magic and innocence! A strength of a wish! I'm Glitter Candy!"

Candy is a pixie from Jubiland and is one of the two main mascots in Glitter Force. She, alongside her brother Pop, came to Earth in search of the Glitter Force to help them in collecting the Glitter Charms, in order to defend the peace in Jubiland. She loves fashion.

Abilities Edit

Glitter Candy Edit

During an episode, Emily and Candy accidentally switched bodies due to Brooha's rings. Because of this, Candy (in Emily's body) could not transform into Glitter Lucky because she was not the actual one. However, Emily (in Candy's body) was able to transform, not into Glitter Lucky, but into a parody named Glitter Candy.

Glitter Candy's outfit looks exactly like Lucky's, and they share a similar transformation sequence. However, Glitter Candy has her own alter ego name. Also, Glitter Candy carries the Glitter Pact on her back, much like a backpack, instead of having it attached at her right hip.

Like Lucky, Glitter Candy is able to perform purification attack Sparkle Storm, though she uses her ears to draw the heart instead of her hands.

Tiara Mode Edit

In Episode 11, Candy was shown to be essential in allowing the girls to achieve Tiara Mode. Due to her strong wish to become the girls' power, she managed to produce the five Glitter Charms needed for the power-up.

Queen Candy(Spoilers) Edit

Queen Candy is Candy's true form as the heir of Queen Euphoria and the new ruler of Jubiland, who makes her appearance during the final episodes. In this form, she helps out the Glitter Force during the final battle against Nogo.

Appearance Edit

Candy has pink fur (albeit very toned down pink, to the point where she looks white to the naked eye), with two curly yellow pigtail-like ears held with pink bows. Her eyes are dark blue, with yellow markings in the shape of wings near her eyes. She has pink and yellow heart-shaped markings on her forehead as well. Her arms and legs are stubby, and she has a frilled pink collar around her neck. Her tail is yellow and curly, like her ears.

Personality Edit

Personality wise, Candy is very girly, and is very fond of fashionable stuff. She also likes to dress herself up, and style her ears in different fashions. She can be also a bit strict about Emily and the girls' status as the Glitter Force. She can be a crybaby, a bit childish, and can get easily scared when saddened. Candy also acts like a little sister when Pop is around. She doesn't know the human world very well so Emily explains the customs. When she has trouble or worries, like not being any help for the Glitter Force, she asks for advice from Chloe.

History Edit

Coming to Earth Edit

Candy came down to Earth from Jubiland to search for the legendary warriors, the Glitter Force, after her world was invaded by the evil emperor Nogo, who had sealed away the Queen. In order for the Queen to be revived, Candy has to gather all of the tokens of happiness, the Glitter Charms.

Finding the Glitter Force Edit

Having arrived in the human world through a storybook, Candy encounters Emily who shortly becomes Glitter Lucky after their first meeting. Emily then promises to Candy that she'll help gather the Glitter Charms and save her world.

Relationships Edit

Emily - Emily is the first person whom Candy meets, and she stays with her, and follows her to school. Candy is often frustrated by Emily's overenthusiasm and carelessness, plainly telling Emily that she worries about her, and that she hopes Emily will find the other members of the Glitter Force to help her out soon. Despite worries for Emily for her carelessness, Emily always looks out for her, and is always worried about her when she gets lost. Emily sometimes introduces and explains to Candy the customs of the human world.

Pop - Pop is Candy's older brother. Both she and Pop were assigned to find the Glitter Force on Earth. Candy loves her brother, and when he visits, she would always jump out, and embrace him. Pop is a responsible older brother to Candy, and always looks out for her. In turn, Candy depends on him a lot, and is extremely attached to him. Pop loves his little sister, and knows her very well.

Queen Euphoria- Queen Euphoria is Candy's mother and the queen of Jubiland, The Kingdom Of Happy Endings! She told never informed Candy that she was the hier to the throne of Jubiland for Candy's safety.

Trivia Edit

  • Candy has two main voice actresses: Debi Derryberry (English) and Ikue Ootani (Japanese).

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