Candy is a character in Glitter Force.

A mascot character with light pink fur and long curly fluffy yellow ears with pink bows. She was sent by the queen to recruit the Glitter Force and search for the Glitter Charms. She is cheery and quite fashionable, and she likes to doll herself up by styling her ears like hair. In the Japanese version, she ends her sentences with "-kuru". She summons the Tiara Charms that enable the girls to perform a combined attack to defeat the upgraded blue-nosed Buffoons.[c] In the series finale episodes, she is assigned to be the new ruler of Jubiland, as she is granted the Miracle Jewel and assumes a new form, Queen Candy/Royale Candy (ロイヤルキャンディ Roiyaru Kyandi).


Candy is a baby pixie who has yellow ears curled onto spirals on her head and they are held in place by two cute pink bows. She has a pinkish-white body with two heart markings on her forehead, yellow wing markings near her eyes and a pink ruffle surrounding her neck.


Candy is scared quite easily and is a crybaby inside, although at times she can be really strong and brave.


She comes from Jubiland. Candy is also the future queen of Jubiland.


Her older brother is Pop and her mother is Queen Euphoria.

In the Japanese All Stars crossover movie, she knows Kippie and reveals they are childhood friends.



  • Candy has two main voice actresses: Debi Derryberry (English) and Ikue Ootani (Japanese).
  • In the Japanese version, Candy always includes "~kuru!" after her sentences.