Emily (Hoshizora Miyuki in the Japanese version[1]), also known as Glitter Lucky (Cure Happy in the original), is the main character in Glitter Force and also the first Glitter Force leader.


Emily is a happy-go-lucky young girl who can be very cute. She has an obsession with fairy tales and is determined to lead her family, friends, and the world towards a happy ending. Even when faced with seemingly insurmountable odds, she refuses to give up. Emily is incredibly protective of her friends, especially Candy.

As a little girl, Emily was far more timid. She was incredibly shy and preferred reading picture books by herself to talking with her peers. Later, she learned the importance of a smile and friendship and thus became the exuberant girl she is today.


Kelsey - Emily's first friend at her new school. She admires Kelsey's sunny disposition and skill in volleyball and helps her practice. Emily valuing Kelsey as a companion inspired Kelsey to become Glitter Sunny.

Lily - Despite being shy and insecure, Lily's personality is very similar to Emily's. Both like stories (while Emily likes fairy tales, Lily likes cartoons) and drawing (Emily draws a picture book at the end of the show, while Lily draws comics throughout), and they get excited together over things like coming up with a team catchphrase.

April - Emily is in awe of April's skill in soccer and willingness to lay down the law, as well as her proficiency in taking care of her many siblings. This caused Emily to really want April in the Glitter Force. After joining the team, April says that she considers Emily, Kelsey, and Lily as a second family.

Chloe - Emily respects Chloe's intelligence, talent, and sense of responsibility. Because of this, Emily hoped Chloe would join the Glitter Force. She is disappointed when Chloe at first refuses, but when she later agrees to become part of the team, Emily is overjoyed.

Candy - Candy lives with Emily, and the two go together everywhere. Emily loves Candy and is protective of her. Although Emily occasionally gets mad at Candy for her failures, as seen in episode 8, she usually respects Candy for always trying her best. In return, Candy loves Emily, but she worries about her ditziness.


Emily has magenta hair, styled in two buns with two yellow bows. She has magenta eyes as well. She wears a light pink long sleeved shirt, a ruffled dress with two layers, a magenta vest, knee-high socks with a pink stripe on the top, and light pink sneakers.

As Glitter Lucky, her hair becomes a medium pink, grows to thigh length, and is put into two long braids. She gains a tiara with a pink gem in the center, wing hairpieces near the top of her head, dangling wing earrings, and a pink choker. Her dress has a striped top and a pleated pink skirt with two layers. With the exception of the center stripe, the entire top is pink. On her chest is a bow with a golden center that has the team symbol on it and is surrounded by light pink frills. Two tails hang from the back of her skirt. Underneath the skirt, she wears dark pink shorts.On her right hip lies a carry case for her Glitter Pact. Her sleeves have two layers; the top is white with spiky edges and adorned with pink beads, and the bottom is light pink and slightly frilly. Each of her armbands goes from above her wrist almost to her fingers, and are white except for a dark pink layer at her wrist. She wears high-heeled boots that start below her knees. Each boot is white except for the toes, heel, and cuff, which are pink, and two dark pink ribbons that hang off of the cuff.

In Tiara Mode, Glitter Lucky's white tiara becomes an elaborate golden tiara with several hearts in it and a pink, heart-shaped gem hanging in the middle. Her earrings are also replaced by bow-shaped earrings with golden fabric, a pink, heart-shaped center, and a golden heart dangling from the center. Her wing-shaped hairpieces turn golden and glow and float.

In Glitter Princess Mode, Glitter Lucky looks similar to her Tiara Mode except that she wears a light pink dress over her outfit that is incredibly frilly and poofy. In the front, the dress reveals her original outfit, and in the back, it goes down past her knees. In the back, at the top of the dress' skirt, there is a large bow that is the same color as the rest of the dress. On her chest, there is a bow similar to her regular one except that the bow and frills surrounding the center are bigger and that the bow is lighter and striped. On her armbands, the cuffs are bigger. On her boots, the pink areas are a lighter pink and the ribbons are slightly thicker.

In Ultra Mode, Glitter Lucky wears a feathery, light pink dress over her normal outfit. Her bow turns feathery as well, and the frills around the center disappear. Underneath the dress, her sleeves become poofier. Each armband becomes attached to her middle finger via a ring. The pink cuff is replaced by a pink band with a light pink jewel in the center, and the end of the armband becomes wing-like. Her left boot starts well below her knee, while her right boot starts a little above it. The toe and heel of each boot becomes a lighter pink, while the cuff at the top is replaced by a wing-like edge and a dark pink band. Her hair becomes larger, her shorts become lighter, and her wing hairpieces enlarge and turn gold. Her choker turns white and gains a pink gem at the center. She gains a solid gold tiara with a pink gem in the middle and another pink gem dangling from the bottom.


First Day of School and Making Friends

Emily is on her way to first day at Rainbow Hills Middle School when she gets distracted upon realizing how nice the day is. She believes something exciting will occur, and as she resumes hurrying to school she runs into Candy, who has come to Earth via a flying book. Candy introduces herself, but she quickly leaves after remembering what she came to Earth to do. Emily feels disappointed as she wonders if she only imagined this event, but she recalls the book Candy had in her hands before realizing it couldn't have been a dream.

As a new transfer student, she is nervous during her introduction until Kelsey speaks up on her behalf and offers to help her, but her jokes end when both April and Chloe explain that she is only worsening things. Kelsey then introduces Emily to April, Chloe, and herself, and she tells Emily that she moved schools once, too. After Emily is seated, Lily tells her that she did a good job introducing herself and that she used to have a hamster named Emily. Kelsey overhears this and bluntly states that Lily is a big crybaby. As Lily protests that she only cried three times that day, Emily feels delighted to be meeting these girls and is able to introduce herself more properly. Everyone claps for her and she is seated once more.

Becoming Glitter Lucky

Once school ends, Emily decides to pay the school library a visit when a bright light appears behind a book. She tries to reach for the source, causing a portal to appear and transport her to the Library of Legends. She marvels at the library and then notices a book on the ground: the same book Candy came to Earth in. When she puts the book back, Queen Euphoria talks to Emily from within the book. She reveals that her kingdom, Jubiland, was attacked by Emperor Nogo. Euphoria tells Emily that she is part of the Glitter Force, a team that must save Jubiland and Earth from Nogo's forces. Then, Emily hears Candy frantically searching for the Glitter Force, and another portal takes Emily back to Earth.

On Earth, Emily chases Candy and catches her. She is then startled to find a wolf named Ulric floating in the sky. Ulric casts a spell causing the sky to turn dark and everyone but him, Emily, and Candy to collapse in despair. Emily and Candy protest, but Ulric chases them, causing them to panic. Nonetheless, Emily retains her determination to protect Candy. Because of this, a burst of feathers and pink light appears around Emily and Candy. Inside this light, Emily's Glitter Pact appears.

Delighted, Candy informs Emily that she's part of the Glitter Force and tells her how to transform. Emily is nervous and confused, but she agrees and transforms into Glitter Lucky for the first time. She is stunned but very happy due to wearing a cute outfit. But when it comes time to fight she runs away in fear, causing Ulric to chase after her until she gets an idea. In "The Three Little Pigs", the big bad wolf couldn't attack the pig who lived in a brick house, so she hides behind the fence of a real-life brick house. In response, Ulric simply turns the house into a Buffoon. In panic, Lucky runs away and accidentally jumps, finding herself suddenly launched way into the sky, which freaks her out even more. The Buffoon jumps into the air to meet her, and panicked, she thrusts her hands out, accidentally shoving the monster into the ground.

After Lucky regains her bearings, Candy tells her to use Sparkle Storm. With relief, Lucky attempts this, but nothing happens. She tries several times but nothing happens, causing her to run away again until she forces herself to stop and face Ulric and the Buffoon. Suddenly the Glitter Pact glows and Candy tells her to put all of her spirit into it. Lucky does so and charges up her Glitter Pact, allowing her to use Sparkle Storm for the first time and sending a large blast of energy at the Buffoon, purifying it and leaving a strawberry-shaped Glitter Charm in its place. Ulric flees, and the sky and populace return to normal. Emily is overflowing with joy as she sees this, and Candy tells her that she must locate the remaining four Glitter Force Warriors and finish collecting the Glitter Charms to revive Queen Euphoria. Emily promises to help her.

Gathering the Other Teammates and the Glitter Charms

From episode 2 to episode 5, Emily decides four candidates for the Glitter Force: Kelsey, Lily, April, and Chloe. She gets to know them and help them become Glitter Sunny, Glitter Peace, Glitter Spring, and Glitter Breeze respectively. Together they fight against the Buffoons and collect more Glitter Charms.

In episode 3, Emily meets Brute for the first time, and in episode 5, she first encounters Brooha.

In episode 6, after having gathered all of the Glitter Force, Candy's brother Pop flies into Emily's house in a book. He explains to the entire team what the Glitter Force's duty is and gives them the Charm Chest, which is used to store Glitter Charms. 

In episode 11, Emily and the others are faced with their first Blue-Nosed Buffoon. This type of Buffoon is invulnerable to all their solo attacks. Fortunately, via Candy's power, the Glitter Force gains its Tiara Mode and performs Tiara Mode Torrent for the first time. 

During episode 12 and 13, Emily and her friends go on a class field trip to the Asia-Pacific Expo. In episode 12, Emily draws a bad fortune that claims she has terrible luck. After this, Emily is pushed to her limits as she finds herself in all sorts of unlucky situations. When Brute turns Emily's fortune into a Buffoon, Emily loses her Glitter Pact and blames herself and her curse for her friends' injuries, but the others claim that they are blessed to have found her, and she is able to relocate her Glitter Pact, allowing the Glitter Force to use Tiara Mode Torrent to defeat the Buffoon. After the fight, Emily thanks her friends for getting her luck and happiness back. Then, she sees a couple of maiko, and the group takes a picture with them, lifting Emily's spirits. 

In episode 14, Emily panics when she realizes that it's Mother's Day and she's forgotten to give her mother a present. After she and Candy try to figure out what to do, Emily decides on making her mother a necklace. However, during a fight with Ulric, the necklace is damaged. Nonetheless, her mother truly appreciates the gift. 

Last Glitter Charm

In episode 18, Pop appears to pay the Glitter Force a visit to reveal that they have one final Charm to locate before they can revive Queen Euphoria. The group tells him about the Star Festival, a Japanese holiday that Chloe's family celebrates, which involves writing wishes on slips of paper and tying them to a bamboo tree. Pop brings up a similar holiday they celebrate in Jubiland that involves laying out candles and wishing on a shooting star, hoping that Pegasus would grant their wishes. The girls keep this in mind and hang their wish slips on the bamboo tree. Emily decides to use the Star Charm as part of the decoration. They head off to enjoy the starry sky when a Buffon attacks. The Glitter Force easily defeats it, but before they can retrieve the final Glitter Charms, Rascal appears before them for the first time, swipes the Charm Chest, and kidnaps Candy.

Going to the Shadow Realm and Nogo's Revival

In episode 19, the girls are depressed over Candy's kidnapping until Emily discovers the Star Charm she used for their Star Festival decoration. They head to Jubiland to go to the Shadow Realm to rescue Candy and the Charm Chest.

Upon arrival, the girls are confronted by Rascal and a fight breaks out. They transform, but he defeats them with ease, absorbing their Bad energy to revive Nogo. Hopeless and weakened, the girls are left with no solutions until Emily suggests that they separate to determine whether to stay with their friends and families for their last night of normalcy or risk everything on the small chance that they'll be able to save Candy and the world. As they deliberate, the girls read Candy's wishes and see that they were about them, and this strengthens their resolve. They travel back to the Shadow Realm and promise to rescue Candy and everyone's safety.

In episode 20, the girls are confronted by the Ulric, Brute, Brooha, and Rascal. At first, Lucky volunteers to fight Rascal, but Breeze and Pop decide to take him on and the others insist that Lucky save Candy while the others fight. She runs off to rescue Candy, nearly falling into a pit of lava but avoiding serious injury with the use of Sparkle Storm. After getting back onto solid ground, she spots the Charm Chest, which turns into a yellow-nosed Buffoon and begins to beat her up. All the Glitter Force Warriors are almost defeated, but when they remember their promise, they all get up and unleash a surge of power. Lucky defeats the yellow-nosed Buffoon and recovers Candy and the Charm Chest.

As the Glitter Force unites and puts the last Glitter Charm in the Charm Chest, they are shocked to see that the Charm Chest does nothing. Then, Nogo revives and emerges from the lava pit. The Glitter Force uses Rainbow Healing, but Nogo shoots a dark beam at them, knocking them out. All seems lost when Euphoria uses the Charm Chest to contact them. She grants them the power of the Princess Wands, allowing them to go into Princess Mode and use Rainbow Burst for the first time.

Going back to Jubiland

In episode 21,he Glitter Force travels back to Jubiland and meet Euphoria in person, only to learn that she remains motionless. They rush from the castle to find pixie soldiers, who are scared of them due to them being humans. In hopes of helping them, Pop turns them into fairies like him and Candy, and for a moment, Emily gets distracted over what they should call themselves now that they're pixies. As Pop researches why the Queen hasn't been revived yet, Candy gives the girls a tour of Jubiland. They see characters from stories like "Little Red Riding Hood" and "Ali-Baba and the Forty Thieves". Emily is rescued by Puss in Boots after falling down a hill. She then plays with the inhabitants of Jubiland, soon arriving at a candy house. As she attempts to repay Puss in Boots for his kindness by reaching for a doughnut he wants, she suddenly sneezes and the group changes back to normal.

The pixies are afraid at first, but Emily gives Puss the doughnut he wanted, causing the pixies to realize they are nice and quickly accept them. The pixies tell the Glitter Force about the Miracle Jewel, which is said to grant the user any wish. Then, suddenly, Ulric appears for the Jewel and absorbs bad energy from the pixies. The Glitter Force transforms and Ulric uses a Super Buffoon for the first time, which proves to be too strong for the girls until they notice the pixies' despair and become fired up enough to persevere.

Suddenly the Princess Wands appear again and they use Rainbow Burst again. This time, four Glitter Charms come out of the Buffoon's nose. After Ulric retreats, the girls hear Euphoria's voice and head back to the castle to find her speaking to them through telepathy. She explains how the original Glitter Charms that were meant to revive her were given to Pegasus so that the girls could attain Princess Mode. She also informs them that Nogo is still alive and they have to gather more Glitter Charms to revive her. Everyone is frustrated at having to fight again, but Emily encourages everyone to work harder and revive Queen Euphoria for real. They then say goodbye to the pixies and return to Earth.

Gathering the Glitter Charms for the second time

In episode 23, when summer is nearly over, rumors are going around that the school is haunted. Emily and April are pressured by the other girls into facing their fears by exploring the sections of the school that are supposedly haunted. Brooha takes the opportunity to scare them by using her magic to "haunt" the school. After Emily, April, and Kelsey are thoroughly traumatized, Brooha turns the entire school into a Super Buffoon with several smaller Buffoons inside. Once the Glitter Force leaves the building, they are easily able to defeat the Buffoon with Rainbow Burst since it can't move due to its size.

In episode 24, the girls (except for Chloe) deal with finishing their summer homework, only to be distracted after Emily finds a strange die and rolls it, sucking her and the others into a new world. There, Ulric, Brute, and Brooha inform them that if they don't win all the games in this world by 6:30, they will be stuck in there forever. Glitter Lucky is forced to play whack-a-mole against Brooha but struggles due to the moles cheating, until she uses Sparkle Storm to force them out and allow her to win. The other members are put through similar challenges. Eventually, the team reaches the final challenge: the girls are to make a full ride in a Buffoon Ferris wheel, and if they say they feel good about themselves after they get off, they win. When the girls get on the Ferris wheel, Brooha conjures up an image of their teacher scolding them for not finishing their homework, causing the girls to become ashamed for procrastinating. However, Chloe offers to help them with their homework and reminds them of their good qualities, allowing the girls to honestly say that they feel good about themselves. They return home and immediately start on their homework. However, there isn't enough time for them to finish everything, so Emily, Kelsey, Lily, and April are forced to undergo remedial classes.

In episode 25, the girls realize that they weren't able to do any travel over summer. They then get the idea to use the book portal to visit places around the world. Each girl takes turns choosing the destination. Emily's destination of choice is the Palace of Versailles because she wants to visit a real castle. At the world trip's final destination, the Amazon, the Glitter Force battles a piranha Super Buffoon by turning into mermaids. By defeating it with Rainbow Burst, they get the last two Glitter Charms.

The Countdown of the Royal Clock

In episode 26, back at the Library of Legends, the team puts the last Glitter Charms into the Charm Chest, causing a mysterious clock to appear. They ask Candy what it is, but Candy answers all of their questions by talking about how great the object is. Eventually, Candy gives up due to hunger. Emily finds a cookie in her pocket and Candy asks her to share it. Emily suggests everyone share the cookie, saddening Candy, but Candy cheers up once she realizes it tastes good with all her friends eating with each other.

Suddenly, Pop's flying book appears, and as usual, it crashes into Emily's face. Pop explains that the mysterious object is the Royal Clock and that by completing it, the Glitter Force and Candy will gain a new power. Meanwhile, in the Shadow Realm, Rascal gives Ulric a Super Buffoon nose coated in black paint, and Ulric uses it to create the first Twilight Buffoon, a new Buffoon that he can control and that is immune to all previous attacks. While the Glitter Force struggles against the Buffoon, Rascal traps Candy in a crystal ball that generates a fake universe where there are no problems and everything is perfect. However, remembering the lesson about the cookie, Candy realizes that her friends are more important than a world without problems, so she escapes. In the real world, Candy uses the Royal Clock to call upon the power of the Phoenix, destroying the black paint around the Twilight Buffoon's nose and enabling Glitter Lucky to defeat it with Sparkle Storm.

In episode 27, Joker returns and traps Kelsey, Lily, April, and Chloe in a ball similar to the one he used on Candy, immersing them in their own fake paradise. Emily and Candy go in to rescue them. At first, Emily is determined to save her friends; however, after taking a bite of a doughnut in the fake world, she becomes brainwashed. Fortunately, Candy brings Emily to her senses, but the two can't do the same for the other four. Emily transforms into Glitter Lucky and tries to destroy the fake world with Sparkle Storm, but Rascal stops her and creates a yellow-nosed Buffoon. After a long, hard fight against the Buffoon, Happy finally manages to wake up her friends and everyone escapes from the fake realm. Joker retaliates by turning the Buffoon into a Twilight Buffoon, but with the Royal Clock and Candy, the Glitter Force performs their new Royal Rainbow Burst for the first time and defeat the Buffoon.

In episode 31, Emily finds a strange picture book of "Cinderella" and gets sucked into it. In the story-book's world, she finds herself as Cinderella. In the real world, Pop explains that this book is the origin of the fairy tale, and if changed, it affects every instance of Cinderella's story. Ulric, Brute, and Brooha find the book and enter it, determined to change its ending to an unhappy one, and the other girls plus Candy follow to stop them. The villains, playing Cinderella's stepsisters and stepmother, do as much as they can to stop Cinderella from getting her happy ending. However, their plans are thwarted by Kelsey and April, who are mice; Lily, the fairy godmother; Chloe, the prince; Candy, a dragon; and Emily. Their conflict culminates in a fight with a Buffoon. Since Kelsey, Lily, April, and Chloe don't have their Glitter Pacts, Emily transforms and fights alone. The fight ends with Glitter Lucky going into Princess Mode alone and using Cinderella Sparkle Storm for the first and only time. This attack is so powerful that it sends Lucky flying, but after the fight, Chloe puts the glass slipper on Emily's foot, and the happy ending of "Cinderella" is preserved.

In episode 36, after going Christmas shopping with her friends, Emily tells them about her past. As a little kid, she was incredibly shy and preferred to read picture books by herself. Then, her family moved out into the country to live with her grandmother. Emily's grandmother gave her a mirror which was intended to help Emily smile so she could make friends. Even though she practiced smiling, however, Emily was too shy to talk to her classmates, so she ran away into the forest. In the forest, Emily met a mysterious girl sitting in a tree, and the two became quick friends. Eventually, with the confidence the friend gave her, Emily was able to befriend her classmates. However, after this, Emily never saw the girl again. After the others react to Emily's story, they find a little girl who has gotten lost. While the others go to find her mother, Ulric appears, casts a bad end spell, and challenges Emily one-on-one. During the fight, Glitter Lucky is at first overwhelmed, but she proclaims the importance of friendship and smiles over working alone. This passion causes a winged Glitter Charm to appear. This allows Lucky to use Sparkle Storm Shining for the first time.

The Final Battle

In episode 37, Candy suddenly turns into the Miracle Jewel. Soon afterward, Ulric, Brute, and Brooha come to get it from the Glitter Force. They unleash a bad end spell and power themselves up into new and stronger forms. Emily and her friends transform and fight relentlessly. However, after learning about how everyone hated the trio and discriminated against them because they were villains, Glitter Lucky can't bring herself to fight them. Instead, Lucky transforms into a larger and more powerful version of herself. In this form, she embraces the trio and reverts them to their original forms: fairies from Jubiland. The team forgives them for their actions and Pop welcomes them home.

Then, Rascal infuses five colored cards with Negative Energy, turning them into evil clones of the Glitter Force called the Glitter Shadow Force. He sends each Glitter Force Warrior into an alternate universe with their evil counterpart. Glitter Lucky and her evil counterpart end up in a world filled with floating rocks. At first, Shadow Lucky has the upper hand on her counterpart. However, Glitter Lucky manages to defeat her clone with Sparkle Storm Shining and escape into the real world.

After Lucky reunites with her teammates, Nogo revives and creates the Shadow Giants, giant monsters that devastated Jubiland before Euphoria defeated him. At that moment, the Miracle Jewel hatches and Queen Candy, a humanoid and more powerful version of Candy, is born. In a strange, alternate realm, Lucky and her friends watch as Euphoria gives Candy the throne of Jubiland and the true form of the Miracle Jewel. Then, Euphoria dies.

In the real world, Nogo creates several Buffoon-like monsters. The Glitter Force powers through them at first, but they reform as if nothing happened. Lucky asks what Nogo even is, and Nogo tells her that he is the incarnation of all of humanity's negative emotions. He then pours black paint on the Glitter Force's book, plunging the girls into a literal world of despair. Lucky loses sight of her mission and apathetically sinks into the sea of despair. However, Queen Candy calls to her and her friends and is able to snap them out of it. The girls try to swim up to her, but the black ink the sea is made out of pulls them down. Fortunately, Candy grasps Lucky's hand and is able to pull her out of the sea. This pulls the other four out of their despair as well.

Just as this happens, Candy faints and reverts to her normal form. Nogo tries to kill her, but the Glitter Force interferes just in time and transforms into their Ultra Mode for the first time. This allows them to completely defeat Nogo's monsters. However, Nogo isn't done yet, as he absorbs the energy of the Shadow Giants and turns himself into a black hole. The Glitter Force uses Royal Rainbow Burst, but it does nothing against Nogo, who strikes back hard enough to knock the girls out of their transformations and destroy their Glitter Pacts.

Pop and Candy reveal that the girls can use the Miracle Jewel to transform once again and defeat Nogo, but that doing so would sever the connection between Jubiland and Earth, separating the Glitter Force from the pixies forever. This greatly upsets Emily, who refuses to say goodbye to Candy. Emily starts to cry, which gets the other four crying, too. However, the girls eventually realize that saving the world is the most important thing, so the Glitter Force uses the Miracle Jewel to get back into Ultra Mode and Candy transforms into Queen Candy. The six of them use their final attack, Miracle Rainbow Burst. This turns Glitter Lucky into a gigantic version of herself. In this form, she embraces Nogo, defeating him for good.

After the End

On a restored Earth, the girls celebrate their victory. Their happiness doesn't last for long, however, as Candy and Pop start glowing and floating towards Jubiland. Candy bursts into tears, but Emily and her friends happily tell her that they had a lot of fun together and that when Candy leaves, she should do so with a smile. Candy forces herself to smile and says that she'll make a bunch of new friends in Märchenland and love them the same way Pretty Cure has loved her. Once Candy and Pop have disappeared, the girls still don't despair, as they are certain that Candy will someday find a way back to them.

A while after this, Emily is still exploring the library and hanging out with her friends. She's also writing a picture book about her time as a Glitter Force Warrior. One day, she runs to school in exactly the same manner as she did on her first day in Rainbow Hills and is surprised to find Candy flying towards her. The two tearfully reunite, and Candy says that she was able to find a way back to Earth by wishing upon a star. Their story ends with Emily and her friends running up a hill, celebrating the continuation of their friendship.


Sparkle Storm - Glitter Lucky charges her Glitter Pact with spirit until it starts glowing. Then, she uses the Glitter Pact to form pink light, with which she forms a heart. Shouting the attack name, she spins around and unleashes a large pink beam from her hands, which are in the shape of a heart. The beam flies straight toward the target, purifying it. It is first used in episode 1. In the original Japanese version, it is called Happy Shower.

Cinderella Sparkle Storm - A larger version of Sparkle Storm, performed in Princess Mode with Glitter Lucky's Princess Wand. The attack is so powerful that it sends Lucky flying after she uses it. It is used for the first and only time in episode 31. In the original Japanese version, it is called Cinderella Happy Shower.

Sparkle Storm Shining - An upgraded version of Sparkle Storm. Glitter Lucky gathers a large amount of light and forms it into a large heart, which she grows twice. From the now-giant heart, Lucky unleashes a large pink beam. The attack is first used in episode 36. In the original Japanese version, it is called Happy Shower Shining.

Tiara Mode Torrent - The Glitter Force's first group attack. Candy unleashes a beam that forms jewel-shaped Glitter Charms for each Glitter Force Warrior. The Glitter Force puts these Charms into their Glitter Pacts, which transform them into Tiara Mode. After this, they unleash a large, rainbow-colored column of light that disintegrates the Buffoon. The attack is first used in episode 11. In the original Japanese version, it is called Rainbow Healing.

Rainbow Burst - The Glitter Force's second group attack. It requires the warriors to have their Princess Wands and be in Princess Mode. The attack is first used in episode 20.

Royal Rainbow Burst - An upgraded version of Rainbow Burst. Not only does the Glitter Force need their Princess Wands and to be in Princess Mode, but they also need Candy and the Royal Clock. The attack is first used in episode 27. For the most part, it retains its name in the Japanese version, but the version in episode 40 without the Royal Clock is called Ultra Rainbow Burst.

Miracle Rainbow Burst - The ultimate version of Rainbow Burst and the Glitter Force's final group attack. For this attack, the Glitter Force must be in Ultra Mode, Candy must be transformed into Queen Candy, and all six must have the Miracle Jewel. It is used for the first and only time in episode 40.


Emily is the feminine form of the name Emil, which means "rival", "laborious", or "eager".[2]


  • Emily loves fairy tales, especially Rumpelstiltskin.
    • She has a crush on Peter Pan.
  • In the original Japanese version, Smile Pretty Cure!, Glitter Lucky is called Cure Happy.



Glitter Force - Episode 1 Clip - An Exciting Beginning

Glitter Force - Episode 1 Clip - An Exciting Beginning

Emily's first transformation into Glitter Lucky