April(or Midorikawa Nao in Smile Pretty Cure), also known by her alter ego, Glitter Spring, is one of the main characters in Glitter Force.


April is straightforward and strong girl. She loves her family and friends very much and she likes to compete with Kelsey.



April has dark green hair that reaches to her neck and she ties it up in a ponytail with a yellow ribbon. Her bangs are styled into thin little spikes and they are separated into two sides. She wears a shirt that is mostly green in color with a badge on one side of her chest and a small pocket with a star on the lid on the other side plus dull green-gray shorts and black short soccer boots with red laces.

Glitter Spring

As Glitter Spring her hair grows longer and changes in shade. The side of her bangs curl in towards her face, and the back layer is tied into a long ponytail held up by a golden barrette and a decor sticks out of it. Part of her hair is also worn in high twin ponytails held up with small yellow barrettes. Her tiara lies over her forehead. She wears her Glitter Force uniform with the logo engraved on the bow, bands with a short light green piece on top, and boots with a long droopy light green piece on top with light green heels and tips


  • April's theme color is green.
    • In early stages of Smile Pretty Cure!, Nao was was originally meant to be purple-themed, not green.
  • April has two main voice actresses: Danielle Judovits (English) and Marina Inoue (Japanese).
  • Glitter Spring is the only member of her team to have a tiara over her forehead instead of on her head
  • It is shown in a episode that April is afraid of bugs
    • It is also shown in another episode that April is scared of ghosts too.
    • It is also shown that April is afraid of heights like Kelsey.
  • April has 6 siblings. See this page for more information.
  • She is known as Cure March in Smile Pretty Cure!